We, too, found ourselves hauling heavy terrace furniture to the shed and back again.

  In everyday life, we always try to make our lives as easy as possible so we can relax at moments of rest. If the weather is at all passable, the terrace is an ideal place.
To ensure that terrace furniture and other items withstand the elements, it must be stored for the winter and then brought back again in the spring. In addition, various stains and oils protect wood. These aren’t exactly fun activities – they may be just the opposite, because they take time, energy and money.

Our furniture doesn’t have to be stored for the winter as the material used makes it weather resistant.

We decided to create Estonian designed outdoor furniture that withstands the elements. We founded Tulavalla OÜ and hired a well-known Estonian designer Üllar Karro to give our furniture a simple but comely form. We used stainless steel and thermally modified wood as our materials. The furniture has a strong structure but is light enough to move with ease.

Our furniture’s production process starts with design where the main emphasis is the product’s ergonomics, simplicity and durability.

We then select the materials and produce the steel part. We carefully saw the stainless steel components to size, weld them with gas tungsten arc welding, then sand and polish if necessary. Once the steel part is ready, we saw and sand the wood components and then fasten them to the steel frame using stainless steel fasteners.